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Are you in search of top-notch pest control services in Qatar? Look no further than Hegy Pest Management ! Our exceptional services are available for both commercial properties in Doha. With our expertise in cockroaches, bedbugs, and rodent control, we prioritize health and the integrity of structures. Noted on that, we will also make sure to go and beyond to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied. When it comes to keeping your space safe and free from pests count on us! Say goodbye to extermination companies. Choose Hegy International for guaranteed results! Get in touch with us now for all your pest removal needs and experience the difference.

Experience pest control services provided by HEGY Pest Management operating in Doha. Our services are 24/7.

Discover the difference with Hegy International. Your 24/7 solution in Doha! Bid farewell to the pests. Welcome peace of mind.

We also specialize in eliminating pests from:

  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • institutions
  • Ships
  • and other vessels

Pest Control Qatar

For customized pest control solutions at reasonable prices, in Doha,  relies on us. Rest assured that our professional services will create a pest environment. Contact us now. Discover the benefits that HEGY offers so that you can secure yourself and your environment from the infestation of insects.

Looking for pest control services in Qatar?  homeowners can rely on pest control services to address issues. The prevalent pests encountered are bedbugs and cockroaches. Safeguard your home. Enjoy a pest living environment by choosing professional services.


need exceptional pest control services, Hegy International is the choice. Our experts are very professional as they specialize in managing pests like rodents, insects, bedbugs, flies, and cockroaches using methods to achieve results. Our top priority from day one is customer satisfaction. Ensure high-quality service to meet all your pest control needs in Doha!


Are you searching for termite treatment ? No need to search any further! Our company is one of the leading ones that provides a set of solutions that are quite helpful and effective in controlling and removal of pests. These remedies have been developed to deal with infestations throughout all points in a building project.

Pre-construction treatment

In regards to the treatment of construction, our approach involves implementing the treatment at every phase of the building process until the concrete slab is poured. Termites are kept out by a chemical barrier created by this. Our ground-breaking method gives protection for the wood inside your structure from invasions by subsurface colonies.

Post construction treatment

This particular method is created to assist with dealing with pest problems in man-made structures. It involves both the important parts that are drilling holes and injecting a chemical emulsion into the ground slabs.


When it comes to dealing with pest issues, Hegy International is the choice. Our local technicians are readily available in your area. As the leading pest control service provider in Doha, Qatar we take pride in our ability to offer effective solutions for both residential and commercial properties. At Hegy Pest Control Services, we are here to ensure the safety and protection of your home and workplace by dealing with pest related issues. Rest assured; we have your pest control needs covered.
If you are seeking pest control services you have come to the place!


Hegy International operates from the city of Doha. is renowned for its exceptional expertise in professional pest management. Our team at HEGY Pest Management is skilled and our team specializes in eliminating bedbugs, termites, cockroaches and rodents.
With our wealth of experience, in providing pest eradication services we are the choice for fulfilling all your pest control needs in Doha, . Select Hegy International for customized solutions.

At Hegy International, our dedicated exterminator is passionately committed to providing solutions using techniques and high-quality products. Whether it’s  home or commercial space, we specialize in bug removal to create a pest-free environment that you can rely on. Experience pest control in Doha. Enjoy a space that’s free from pests. Get in touch with us now to start your path towards a pest environment!


Looking for fumigation services ? You have come to the place! At our company we are proud of our fumigators who have training to effectively handle various fumigation needs both, on land and, at sea.


  • Our fumigation services cover a range of needs, including rice fumigation treating commodities ship hold fumigation, container fumigation

Professional Pest Control Service in Doha 

If you are searching pest control companies in Qatar that offer high-quality services, your search ends here. We are a control company that is officially certified by the government. We are dedicated to helping you eliminate pests from your property. Our team of specialists is available to provide pest control services throughout Doha. Trust us to deliver guaranteed outcomes that are customized to meet your requirements. Whether it’s your home or workplace, we ensure a pest environment anywhere, in the country. Say goodbye to bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, and other annoying intruders when you choose us. Let us take care of your infestation so that you can enjoy a worry space.

Trust Hegy International to protect your home and office from pests effectively. We provide the best prices in Doha for the best pest control services.

At Hegy International we offer top-notch pest control solutions in Doha for commercial and industrial properties. Our professionals are extensively trained to tackle the prevalent pests in Doha, ensuring reliable and effective services. Discover the excellence of pest control in Qatar with Hegy Pest Control!
As part of our commitment to preservation, we strictly employ bug control techniques approved by the  Municipality. With our service quality and the numerous positive reviews, we receive from customers we have solidified our position, as the top pest control company. We provide the Best prices
No need to worry about service charges or expenses related to bug control anymore. Our team of expert specialists will take care of all those insects in your home. Engaging top-notch  services in Country  is now a matter of minutes so get in touch with us today to learn more about our affordable rates and effective solutions.

Don’t worry about service fees or pest control expenses anymore. Our team of professional pest control experts will handle all the pesky insects in your home. Hiring the top Pest Management is just a matter of minutes, so reach out to us today to discover more about our affordable rates and effective solutions.

Residential Commercial Pest Control Doha

Are you tired of dealing with pests, in home or business? Look no further than our pest control company in Doha. At our company the safety and happiness of our customers comes first. We provide customized and budget services that aim to safeguard your family and property. Our team is fully dedicated to respecting your time and ensuring we meet all bug control requirements.
Contact us today to experience the services of a government-approved company ! Whether you need residential, industrial, or commercial  solutions, we have got you covered. Our trained team has knowledge about the common pests.

Pest Control Services in Qatar

If you are tired of dealing with pests invading home or business, look no further than Hegy Pest Control Company in Doha Qatar. We offer pest management services that are not affordable but also highly effective. Say goodbye to those intruders by relying on our rated service.

In our company we have a team of professionals who utilize the methods and top-notch products to eliminate pests such as ants, cockroaches, bed bugs and termites. We possess knowledge of bed bug control requirements in Doha

Best Pest Control in Qatar

When it comes to pest control in Doha, Hegy International is the provider. Additionally, we offer disinfection services, for establishments like homes, restaurants, buildings, hotels, malls and other commercial spaces. Our team has the ability and they have all the technologies and procedures that can be used to control pests that threaten structures or public health. Choosing Hegy Pest Control means experiencing a difference in maintaining a pest environment for your property.

We take pride in satisfying our customers to this extent. At Hegy International, we specialize in providing solutions for Rodent Control, Bed Bug Control, and Cockroach Control.
If you are looking for a cockroach control service that delivers results
Hegy International is available to provide you with assistance.